New Google Ad Strategy


Following a number of big brands pulling their google ads due to them being placed next to ‘extremist content’, Google have now announced a new ad strategy to avoid errors like this happening again.

Names such as Marks and Spencer, Audi, RBS and L’Oreal have recently removed their ads from the site. This is due to a recent investigation by The Times revealing that adverts from a range of well-known companies had appeared alongside content from supporters of extremist groups on YouTube’s video site. An advert appearing alongside a video earns the poster around £6 for every 1,000 clicks it generates, meaning big companies may have unwittingly contributed money to extremists. The Times also said that rape apologists, anti-Semites and hate preachers were among those receiving payouts.

Google’s European chief, Matthew Brittin, promised to review the firm’s policies and strengthen enforcement with this new strategy.  Brittin revealed that the first part of the strategy will focus on improving policies with regard to what is deemed “safe” for advertisers by refining definitions of hate speech or inflammatory content. The second part of the plan will improve the controls that advertisers have to implement brand safety issues and the final promise states that Google will work faster in enforcing existing rules regarding take-downs of content.

What are your thoughts on this?