Below you’ll find answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions when handing over a finished website. If you have a query that is not listed on this page please contact us.


How do I log in to the website?

You can access the Admin Panel by visiting where “” is the URL of the website we have built for you. Here you can login using the credentials that have been handed to you by one of our Digital team.


How do I change and update content?

Once in the Admin Panel you will be presented with a variety of options on the left hand side of your screen. These will include standard options such as “Pages” or “Posts”, as well as additional elements such as a customised slider.

The WordPress interface provides the user with a logical, intuitive display which makes editing the majority of items straightforward and requiring minimal web knowledge. So it is often a case of editing items such as text or photos that are already there, with your own.

If complicated amendments are needed then it is recommended that you contact one of our Digital team members to assist you.


How do I change and update photos?

In the Admin Panel on the left hand menu you will see a “Media” tab where you can manage photos and other uploads. Here you can easily upload files from your computer that can be used on your website. Often with photos it is a case of replacing existing placeholder photos we have provided you. The WordPress Page/Post editor has an “Add Media” button located at the top left of the screen to easily add in new photos.


Why aren’t I receiving emails?

You may have problems receiving emails for a number of reasons:

  • You are using a free personal gmail address which limits how emails are used in a business environment.
  • The emails are being delivered to your spam/junk folders, be sure to check them.
  • Your email address has been setup incorrectly in the settings, be sure to double check no typing errors have been made when handing over emails.
  • The email records are out of sync as a result of a domain transfer. If you have owned the domain prior to us building a website, when transferring to our nameservers it is possible that other settings may have to be updated, which require us to access your web management software to acquire the relevant details.


Why am I not the top result when searched on google?

Although we provide our clients with quality, proven SEO work, this does not guarantee instant success. Your website may not be appearing at the top of rankings for a number of reasons:

  • Low traffic – Be sure to encourage users towards your websites wherever possible. Once a website is handed over there is still work to be done, share links and encourage your customers to view your new website.
  • Ranking times – Ranking high is a time consuming process and search engines will visit your websites over long periods of time to regularly check your content. Remember you will be competing against clients who may have been active for years and also have quality SEO solutions.
  • Content – Be sure to keep content up to date and relevant. Keep your website up to date with fresh blog content, products and relevant offers. Search engines regularly look for updates to show users.


Why does my website not load?

There are a few reasons why a website would not load:

  • Your internet connection may be weak, or under strain from using other services, such as streaming music or videos, as well as having multiple devices on one network.
  • You have attempted to log in to your website and incorrectly entered your username or password too many times, which will block your IP address from accessing the website. This is a security protocol we put in place on our server to stop our client sites from having their websites hacked.
  • The server could be experiencing some down time due to scheduled maintenance. This will usually not take any longer than 30 minutes. If you experience longer than 30 minutes down time, please contact Nation Digital and we will resolve the issue as quickly as possible.


How much is it to make changes without paying maintenance?

Please contact us directly if you would like ‘one off’ changes to your website.

Where can I find images to put on the website?

Pixabay is a free stock photo website that Nation Digital sometimes uses to source photos for clients. Create a profile then download Hi-res copies of the photos. It is a free service for anyone to sign up to.


How do I access and update blogs?

If you wish to edit or add new blog content, once in the admin panel of your site you can select “Posts” from the left hand side menu, which will take you to a page that displays all the existing posts on your website. If their titles are clicked on you will be taken to their individual editing pages where you can update certain details, or you can use “Add New” to create a new post of your own. In the post edit interface you can add a title, main content, select a category for your post and set a featured image which is often the most prominent image which is displayed when outputted on your site.

How do I change my slider?

Each website we build is different and so the way the slider is changed can vary from client to client. However, every client we build a website for will receive training on how to update the site themselves, regardless of whether or not they have signed up for maintenance.


How do I change my contact details?

The contact details of the website are usually written into a widget area of the website. This can be found under the “Appearance” tab on the left hand side of the control panel. On occasion, the contact information may be defined in the theme options, which can be found either under the “Appearance” tab, or as its own tab on the left hand side of the control panel.


I’ve lost my password, what do I do?

There will be a link underneath the login box when trying to access the control panel of your website which says “Forgot your password?”. Click this to receive a recovery email sent to the email address used to create your profile. If this email is inaccessible to you, or you have had an account created for you that does not use a proper email address, you may need to contact Nation Digital to request a password change. We will set a basic password for you, and then talk you through the process of updating the password to something more secure and memorable.


Can someone manage my website for me?

Yes, Nation Digital have a team of employees who are able to manage website content and social media campaigns for you, should you wish to have your website updated regularly and not have the time or facilities to do so. Call Nation Digital any time to discuss a digital strategy that suits you best.