Digital Marketing Strategies


Digital marketing is a term that includes a number of things, from website design and social media, to online advertising, email advertising, SEO and more! This can be extremely confusing to your average business owner trying to get more traffic on their site.

Nation Digital are here to help business owners with their digital marketing campaigns.  Here are some digital marketing strategies to adopt this year.


Your Website Is Your Vehicle

Almost every aspect of digital marketing is about driving internet traffic to your website. We see too many websites that have not been created with responsive design, meaning they look strange and difficult to navigate on mobile devices. With approximately 42% of all client traffic coming from mobile devices (and that number is likely to increase) mobile response has become vital to your campaign.

Your website needs to look good with easy navigation on mobile devices and visitors must be able to click on a phone number or an email address to contact you easily. If they cannot do this, you are likely to lose them to a competitor whose site is mobile optimised.

Additionally, Google has been awarding higher ranking to sites that are optimised for mobile visitors. You don’t want to be pushed to page two or three of Google’s search results. Get your site compatible for mobile devices immediately by getting in touch with Nation Digital!


Use Social Media Wisely

We receive plenty of questions about social media. A number of local businesses are unsure of what social channels they should be using and how they should be using them. An important rule of marketing and running a business is to know your customer base. Social media is a fantastic way to tune in with your customers, but you need to use it properly. For example, Instagram, Snapchat and LinkedIn combine to have less than a 5% market share in social media, while Facebook has over 40%.

When it comes to posting on social media, always keep in mind that you are creating a voice for your business and  communicating directly with your existing and potential customers. Therefore, you must be careful in overloading them with too many posts. At Nation Digital we offer social media consulting and management to help you optimise this platform. For more information don’t hesitate to contact us.


Understand the importance of Email Marketing  

Email marketing is a direct communication from you to your customer data base. If you have customer email addresses, you can send any information to all your customers for zero to little cost. From events information to new promotional offers, and we can help you do that. At Nation Digital offer email content, email design and management.



In summary, make sure your website is easy to navigate, has fresh content and contact information and works on mobile. Once your site is up to scratch, you can start implementing some of the other digital marketing strategies that drive traffic to your site, like social media and email marketing. Nation Digital also offer SEO, app development, and CPM – For more information, get in touch!