Design Trends coming in 2017



With a new year comes new trends and styles, so what does 2017 hold for design trends?

Retro 90s 

2017 will be throwing it back to the 90s. Although retro is always on trend, this year we’ll be seeing colourful and slightly imperfect designs to make bold statements.


With health and fitness being more popular than ever, ingredients are more important than appearance. This year we can expect to see a de-branding change, where the ingredients become the brand making it easier for consumers to see the product’s health benefits.

Motion Design

Motion design is everywhere, and it’s not stopping. Thoughtful movement with design can express energy and give your user a focal point, all the while inviting users to lose themselves in a dynamic experience.

New UX and UI tools

This trend will change the way we make desktop sites appropriate for mobile. We can start to wave goodbye to Photoshop and Illustrator and welcome in Sketch and Invision, programmes created with UX and UI in mind. These new tools are more accessible than they’ve ever been and designers are looking forward to breaking through conventional boundaries and see what UX and UI mean for new technology.

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